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Guidelines for bill paying

Billing Information
Thank you for choosing Carolinas HealthCareSystem Blue Ridge for your healthcare needs. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us.

This page should answer many common questions that patients have about insurance and billing. Please contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.

Filing Insurance Claims
As a courtesy to you, Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge files insurance claims with most insurance companies for services provided. Please be aware that filing a claim does not guarantee payment from your insurance company.

Most policies have a deadline for filing claims. To help ensure that the insurance company receives
and processes your claim correctly, please review the following checklist:

  • Be sure your insurance information is correct and up-to-date.
  • Present your current insurance card when you register and when you check in for services.
  • Check with your insurance company to see if the service requires “Prior Authorization” or “Precertification” before you can receive the services you need. We will do our best to provide your insurance company
    with the information it needs to determine coverage.
  • When you come in for a service, please be prepared to pay any copays, deductibles or fees for services your policy does not cover.

Workers’ Compensation
If you are hurt as a result of an injury on the job, we will bill your employer or your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier.

We will submit Medicare claims for you.

  • Inpatient services are billed under Medicare Part A.
  • Observation, outpatient, and physician services are billed under Medicare Part B.

Patients are responsible for deductibles, coinsurance and services not covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, such as oral and topical medications and services covered by liability insurance.

We will submit Medicaid claims for you to North Carolina Medicaid, if you have presented a current card or the Department of Social Services confirms you are enrolled in Medicaid. You may be responsible for some of your charges if Medicaid has determined that a copayment is due.

If you have a medical emergency, remember that Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge treats all patients equally, regardless of their ability to pay.

Uninsured and Self-Pay Patients
Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge offers a 50% discount to patients who have no health
insurance. To help you manage the balance of your charges, our financial counselors will speak with you about payment plan options or about our financial assistance programs.

Financial Assistance
If you need financial assistance after treatment, we have several ways to help:

  • Medicaid Eligibility Program – This free service at Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge can help find out if your charges could be covered by Medicaid. Our financial counselor can review your current family situation and refer you to our in-house DSS worker. The DSS worker will assist you with applying for Medicaid.
  • Financial Assistance Program – Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge offers assistance to patients who cannot pay and are not eligible for Medicaid. With the help of our financial counselors, patients who are living at or below the federal poverty guidelines may have all or part of their hospital charges reduced. Financial assistance applications are available from our financial counselors. Approval for financial assistance is based on your family size, annual income, etc., as well as medical hardship.

Services Not Included in the Hospital Bill
During treatment you may receive care from physicians or other healthcare providers who will bill you separately for their services. These providers may include:

  • Your private physician
  • Emergency department physicians
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists (laboratory physicians)
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Ambulance services - EMS or private ambulance

Your hospital statement will have a list of these providers and their contact information.

Payment Options

  • Cash payments
  • Personal checks
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (MasterCard, Discover & Visa)
  • Personal payment plan arranged withCarolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge.

If you find that you are unable to pay your balance in full at the time of service, we offer two payment
options. Please note that sending partial payments does not establish a formal payment plan. For more information on the following payment plans, please contact customer service at 828-580-5016 or 828-580-5036.

Five Equal Payments
Payments can be made in five equal payments. No interest will accrue on the outstanding balance.

Access One
We offer a revolving charge account option for patients and their families. You may charge medical
services to your account on an Access One medical credit card. If you do not have insurance or need
help managing the portion of your bill that remains after your insurance company has paid, this may be
an option for you.

  • All patients accepted – no credit checks
  • Easy enrollment process
  • No annual fees or prepayment penalties
  • Affordable monthly minimum payments
  • Extended terms depending on bill amount
  • Variable annual interest rate - Prime plus 6%
  • Interest free if paid in 12 equal, timely monthly payments
  • Convenience of one statement for the entire family’s hospital bills

Contact Customer Service to Learn More by Calling 828-580-5016 or 828-580-5036

Please contact our financial counselors if you:

  • Need help paying for charges not covered by your insurance plan, Medicare or Medicaid
  • Have no health insurance and are responsible for all charges yourself
  • Are a low-income patients, elderly or disabled and believe you may qualify for Medicaid
  • If you have any other questions related to financial assistance, please call:
    • Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge - Morganton Campus – 828-580-5090
    • Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge - Valdese Campus – 828-580-7576
    • Cancer Center – 828-580-7745

Please mail all payments to:
Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge
P.O. Box 96072
Charlotte, NC 28296-0072

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