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Our Curriculum

The design of the gastroenterology curriculum at Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge is aimed at creating an active and dynamic learning environment. Please see below for an overview of the educational program components.


Inpatient GI Consult Svc - 6 months
Outpatient GI Clinic/Endo 4 months
Outpatient GI/Hepatology Consult – 1 month
Hepatology @ Atrium Health - 1 month


Inpatient GI Consult Svc –1 month
Outpatient GI Clinic/Endo – 8 months
Outpatient GI/Hepatology Consult – 1 month
Outpatient GI/Motility/Nutrition – 1 month
Hepatology @ Atrium Health – 1 month


Inpatient GI Consult Svc – 1 month
Outpatient GI Clinic/Endo – 8 months
Outpatient GI/Motility/Nutrition – 1 month
Advanced Endo/Biliary @ Atrium Health – 1 month
Hepatology @ Atrium Health – 1 month

Grand Rounds/Endoscopy Conference

We participate in grand rounds and endoscopy conferences bimonthly. Grand round presentations are given by faculty and fellows as well as visiting lecturers. Furthermore, we review important endoscopic techniques, indications, and safety in a lecture setting periodically throughout the month.

Journal Club, Morbidity and Mortality Conference

A gastroenterology-focused journal club is held twice per month involving residents, fellows, and attendings to discuss validity of the chosen article, results, and clinical applicability of its findings. Our aim is to review newly-published articles to keep up-to-date with scientific research.

Gastroenterology fellows also join the Medicine department for a monthly Morbidity and Mortality Conference, which focuses on the root-cause analysis of a case that had an adverse outcome. This is a multidisciplinary conference with representation involving a wide array of hospital departments. The goal of this conference is to educate the nursing staff, residents, fellows, and attendings on patient safety and increase awareness of system-based issues that contribute to a medical error.

Board Review and Didactics

Board review is held weekly on Tuesdays. Fellow physicians will have content to read and review at the beginning of each week. Each week, fellow physicians will review their assigned reading and participate in board review questions related to the readings with an attending physician. Gastroenterology-specific radiology and pathology rounds are also scheduled to increase our breadth of knowledge.

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