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At Women's Health, we offer comprehensive range of gynecological services, including general gynecology, wellness exams, menopause treatments, management of urinary incontinence and the latest in contraception.

We provide care for:

•  Well woman exams
•  Pap smear screening
•  Abnormal pap smear management
•  Abnormal vaginal bleeding
•  Adolescent gynecology
•  Bladder infections
•  Breast health: exams, referrals for digital mammography & 3D mammography
•  Contraceptive counseling and management
•  Depression
•  Endometriosis
•  Fibroids
•  Interstitial cystitis
•  Contraceptive implant (Nexplanon)
•  IUDs – Mirena, Skyla, and Paragard, Kyleena, Lilettta
•  Menopause management and hormone therapy
•  Ovarian cysts
•  Pelvic pain – both acute and chronic
•  Pelvic prolapse
•  PMS
•  Preconception counseling
•  Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
•  Urinary incontinence
•  Ultrasound
•  Vaginitis
•  Vulvar skin changes
•  Infertility
•  Post-menopause bleeding


Pelvic Health Rehabilitation

Our physicians partner with Blue Ridge Therapy services to offer a nonsurgical approach to rehabilitation of dysfunctions in the pelvis that contribute to bowel, bladder, sexual health and pain complaints.

Physical/occupational therapy begins with an assessment of posture and structural alignment and may include the following treatment options:

•  Therapeutic exercise to target muscle imbalances, weakness, postural influences and overworked muscles
•  Manual therapy to release restricted muscles and scarring
•  Biofeedback using internal or external sensors to display pelvic floor muscle activity to increase pelvic floor muscle awareness
•  Electrical stimulation using a low-level current applied internally or externally to assist with pain, and reeducate weak muscles
•  Patient education including diet, toileting habits, breathing/relaxation techniques and exercise


Surgical Expertise, including minimally invasive and laparoscopic techniques

Our skilled gynecological surgeons can resolve many gynecologic problems with laparoscopic – also known as minimally invasive – techniques that are remarkably patient-friendly. This means shorter hospital stays, a faster recovery and a safe return to the activities you enjoy.

We also provide advanced in-office surgery and other convenient services, including endometrial ablation for management of heavy periods.

Services Include:

•  In-office endometrial ablation
•  Loop Electrical Excision Procedure
•  Diagnostic and operative laparoscopy
•  Laparoscopic tubal ligation
•  Vaginal and laparoscopic hysterectomy
•  Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy
•  Urinary incontinence sling (TVT)Preventative Care for Women/Annual Wellness Exam

Women’s Health is committed to preventive care for women. Your annual health assessment includes screenings, evaluation and counseling, including a detailed review of family history and how it may impact your health risks. We’ll also inquire about your emotional and sexual health, family planning, hormonal challenges, and more.

A physical examination is a key part of this annual visit, which will vary depending on each patient’s age and risk factors. Typically, this exam includes obtaining standard vital signs, determining your body mass index and conducting a complete physical exam with both pelvic and clinical breast examinations. We’ll also recommend immunizations based on your age and risk factors.


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